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Satanic Mechanic Theater Company's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Satanic Mechanic Theater Company

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This Friday & Saturday! Rocky Horror Returns To DC! [07 Apr 2009|10:09pm]


This Friday and Saturday at 12 Midnight, The Sonic Transducers will bring The Rocky Horror Picture Show to Washington DC's Landmark E Street Cinema! The District's first regular cast in almost five years, the Sonic's perform the second weekend of every month.

"The longest-running midnight movie of all time stars Tim Curry as the kinky yet endearing “transsexual from Transylvania” Dr. Frank N. Furter, Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick as his hapless guests Brad and Janet, Meat Loaf as motorcycle-riding rough trade and author Richard O’Brien as the hunchbacked butler Riff Raff. It’s harmless musical fun—a delightful spoof of Hollywood horror movies and Old Dark House melodramas. All of our engagements feature live casts who perform scenes during the movie, and the audience is always welcome to respond to the on-screen action. The Rocky Horror Picture was the first—and is still the best—interactive movie experience!"

Tickets are $10, $8 for Students, and $7.50 if you are 62+. Landmark E Street is conveniently located in NW between 10th Street and 11th Street. Walking distance from both Gallery Place and Metro Center, Landmark E Street is accessible from all five Metro lines with no transfers. Last trains leave each Metro at approximately 3am, leaving you plenty of time to catch the train home after the show.

Want to be part of the action? The Sonic Transducers are looking for a few good trannies! Email us at sonictransducers@gmail.com, and sign up for performance updates by visiting Our Google Group. While you are at it, be sure to visit the Rocky Horror DC Yahoo Group and sign up to be kept up to date about ALL of the area's Rocky Horror happenings!
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Performance Schedule [24 Sep 2008|09:39pm]

Here is the Fall schedule:

Rocky: October 4
Clue: November 8
Rocky: Decmeber 6

We will also be performing at the Apollo Civic Theater in Martinsburg, West Virginia on October 24th and 31st.
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[13 Aug 2008|09:50pm]

If anyone knows ANYONE who needs a place to live starting in September (in College Park, MD/Berwyn Heights, MD), and can pay $470/month, plus a $470 security deposit, let me know ASAP.

I need a 6th and final roommate in my house, and we're supposed to sign the lease and give the security deposit within the week. I'm one person short, so $470 short.

Who can help me out? I've tapped out all my resources.
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forgive me... [04 Nov 2007|06:32pm]

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Outside Gigs! [14 Oct 2007|10:51pm]

The Satanic Mechanics are proud to announce that we've been offered two... count 'em... TWO outside gigs this October!

The first gig will occur on the UMBC campus on Friday, October 26. We'll start with a Rocky Horror dance party in the Commons Cabaret from 9pm until the show. There will be themed food, music from a live DJ, and giveaways. Attendees are encouraged to dress up!

At midnight we'll perform in Lecture Hall 1. Prop bags will be provided to those who dress up. These will not be Satanic Mechanic prop bags, they will be provided by the UMBC Student Events Board. If you would like to bring your own prop bags, feel free, but please do NOT bring water guns of any sort. If you do bring water guns, you'll be asked to leave.

Something awesome about UMBC: both the dance and the shadowcasting are free to the public!

Our second gig will be on Wednesday, October 31st. That's right: a Halloween show! We'll be performing at the Apollo Theater in Martinsburg, West Virginia. This special Halloween showing will be at 8pm. The theater opens one hour before showtime. Tickets are $5. The theater will be providing prop bags which they call "Fun Packs," for $2, or $3 if you want one with TP included. More details for this show will be forthcoming.
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Questions: [15 Jan 2007|04:42pm]

1) When is the Spring schedule going to be posted?

2) Are there any Mechanics going to Monster Mania 7 to meet Patricia Quinn & see TNP perform?
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Fall 2006 Schedule! [19 Oct 2006|05:17pm]

This semester should prove to be an exciting one; we have so many things that will be going on! All of our shows will indeed be free this year!

Come join us at any (or all) of the following:
Performances and Events (Stamp Student Union)
Upcoming show dates:
September 30: Young Frankenstein (Hoff Theater @ 11:59pm)
October 21: Rocky Horror Picture Show (Hoff Theater @ 11:59pm)
November 4: 10th Anniversary Masquerade "Decade" Ball (Colony Ballroom; Doors 7:45, Ball 8pm-11pm)
November 11: All-Time All-Star Rocky Horror Picture Show (Hoff Theater @ 11:59pm)
December 9: The Addams Family (Hoff Theater @ 11:59pm)
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Hey Mechanics! [07 Sep 2006|03:31pm]

When will the fall schedule be posted?

Also, I still say that Reefer Madness: The Musical & Night of The Living Dead should be shadowcasted.
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You guys are terrific! (Also, a little self-promotion) [10 Aug 2006|01:35pm]

Infinity Repertory Theatre Company Presents...


Directed by Chantel Pascente
Musical Direction by Drew Walraven
Choreography by Sarah Shankman


Friday Aug. 11th @ 8pm
Saturday Aug. 12th @ 7:30pm and MIDNIGHT

Tickets are $10.

For reservations or information call the Pulse Performing Arts Center (Katonah, NY) at 914-864-1880 or
you can contact me
directly by email or 914-329-9068.
Last year this show sold out the entire weekend of 4 shows, get your tickets early!!
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[06 Apr 2006|06:35pm]

Image hosting by Photobucket
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Movie Suggestion for Fall 06 Semister [05 Feb 2006|04:35pm]

Reefer Madness: The Musical


Heather & I already have a dream cast made up of SM & TW cast members ;)
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Yay! [02 Feb 2006|03:27pm]

We do indeed have the dates scheduled through the Hoff for this semster!

Upcoming show dates:
02/25 - Princess Bride
03/11 - All-Star RHPS
04/08 - Young Frankenstein
05/06 - RHPS
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[14 Nov 2005|02:09pm]

8,000 people die every day and 14,000 people are infected
every day…

HIV/AIDS is both preventable and treatable. So why is it
spreading so quickly? And why are so many people still
dying? Attend events during WORLD AIDS WEEK 2005 to find
out why and to learn what you can do to make a difference in
millions of lives.

November 28th-December 2nd
* Movie and speaker panel at the Hoff
* Benefit Concert
* Free HIV Testing at the Health Center
* AIDS Quilt Display in the Prince George's Room of the Union
* Speaker panel on teh AIDS Crises and Possibilities for Change
* And more!

Sponsors include:
*Student Global AIDS Campaign
*Global Youth Partnerships
*Office of Community Service Learning
*Jewish Social Action Committee
*Student Health Advisory Council
*Pride Alliance
*Satanic Mechanic Theater Company
*Caribbean Students Association
*Vietnamese Students Association
*University Health Center

Check out the website!

Look out for more information, coming soon….
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[16 Oct 2005|08:08pm]

[ mood | happy ]

So what did everybody think of the show last night?

Audience members, plants, actors, what are your thoughts? Any notes? Did you notice anything that should be worked on, or anything that was just plain amazing? Let us know. :)

And don't forget to come to our "Masque of the Red Death" Masquerade Ball, which will be held on November 12th in the Colony Ballroom (in the Stamp Student Union). The doors open at 6:30pm, and the ball itself will be held from 7pm-11pm. Afterwards, follow us all to the Hoff Theater for a showing (and possible added bits) of the movie Spaceballs. A good time is sure to be had by all.

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FA05 [18 Sep 2005|03:07pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A new semester, a new board, a new means of advertising. My name is Ashleah, and I'm the producer of the Satanic Mechanics for this semester. You can catch my regular antics at darkpaintedrose, if you so choose. As for the cast, we rehearse every Monday and Thursday from 8pm-10pm in ARM0110. Feel free to stop by and join in on a little debauchary sometime.

Our performances and such for this semester are as follows:
First Look Fair On Mckeldin Mall
- Wed Sept 21, 10am-4pm, group information table
- Thurs Sept 22, 10am-2pm, group information table

24th Annual All-Nighter In the Stamp Student Union
- Fri Sept 23, following Hoff's FREE 3pm movie (Batman Begins), Let's Do the Time Warp Again
- Sat Sept 24, 1am, Lingerie Fashion Show

Performances Stamp Student Union
- Sat Sept 24, 11:45pm Clue shadowcasting, Hoff Theater
- Sat Oct 15, midnight Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcasting (bring your virgins!), Hoff Theater
- Sat Nov 12, doors open 6:30pm; 7pm-11pm Masquerade Ball, Colony Ballroom
- Sat Nov 12, 11:45pm Spaceballs showing, Hoff Theater
- Sat Dec 10, midnight Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcasting (bring your virgins!), Hoff Theater

More information will follow in the upcoming weeks.

Members of the community can post as they like, but if what you post has nothing to do with the Satanic Mechanics or anything we're involved with, I will delete it. But please feel free to post what you thought about our performances and the like.

If you'd like to contact me for any reason, here's my information:
Ashleah Younker, president
University of Maryland
SSU P.O. Box 26
College Park, MD 20742

AIM screenname: darkpaintedrose
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